Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Question #33

Q: What do I think of myself?

A: I kind of dislike these vain questions... but I guess for posterity, they are good questions. I just feel awkward talking about how awesome I am. ha ha. Back in Jr. High, I'm not sure what I have written about myself. I really didn't know who I was yet. I knew that I loved my friends and my friends loved me. I just loved to play, that is all I know.

Now... I know who I am. I know my strengths and I am very aware of my weaknesses. I like who I am. I am strong, I have gone through a lot. I have had my share of trials and I feel like I have come out on top. I have many talents and continue to learn new things. I love how much I care for people even though sometimes it leaves me very hurt that people don't care for me as much in return. I love that I am hard working and good at what I do. I love that I have lots of hobbies. I love that I am a kid at heart and am always looking to dress up and have fun. I love being young at heart. I know that I will be an amazing wife and mother. I just love to take care of people. I love that I have been living life to the fullest, traveling the world and experiencing what life has to offer... even when it scares me a little bit. I am living my life with no regrets and I look foward to the day that I talk to my Grandchildren and they ask me about my life and I can tell them of how I backpacked Costa Rica for two months without ever knowing where I was going to sleep. Or how I hiked to the ruins in Guatemala, or how I went scuba diving all over the world, swam with sea turtles and great white sharks. I can tell them about my African Safari in South Africa or how I rode an elephant in India.  Not only what I have done, but the people I have influenced. I hope that for the most part, people have good things to say about me. I also think I have a good sense of humor. I think I'm a happy person that likes to make the best out of all the situations given in life (I try really hard to do that). I want to always be knows for being the favorite Aunt and known for having a great relationship with my family. I think I can do anything that I put my mind to. I love that I can learn from my mistakes and that I am always trying to be a better person. I think I'm pretty fun to be around and I think I am a giving person that loves to serve others.

All in all.... ya, I think that I am a pretty awesome person. Is that vain? Maybe... but the great part about this is that I have not always thought that. I have really come to be comfortable in my own skin... the way I look, my personality, my talents and abilities and personality. Yeah, I love who I am and glad that I have finally gotten to that point... even though it might have taken me a while to get there. I think it is important that at some point everyone should get to that point.