Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Friday, January 27, 2012

Question #7

Question #7: Am I a forgiving person? Is there anyone that I need to forgive and what's the game plan?

A: I am not sure what other people would say about me... but I think I am a very forgiving person. I admit my feelings are hurt very easily and I get mad or disappointed in people easily, but I am very quick to forgive because I don't like being mad at people. I don't like having bad feelings towards people. If I ever run into someone I know randomly around town... I want to be able to smile and say hi instead of hiding and pretending like we don't see each other. A person can really do wrong to me and all they would have to say is sorry and I would forgive them. Even sometimes when they don't say sorry I reach out to them and say sorry even if I didn't do anything just to make it better because it is not worth being right or mad over things. I even forgave my ex fiance for cheating on me.  Not because it was okay, I told him it wasn't ok... but I forgave him because I don't want to hate him forever. That is my take on it.

Is there anyone that I need to forgive right now? Not that I can think of. I really try to take care of it right away.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Question #6

Question #6 Tell about your neighborhood and your neighbors.

A: My neighborhood growing up was awesome. We lived in Rancho Embarcadero in Santa Barbara California and we lived up on this hill that overlooked the neighborhood and you could even see the ocean. I would walk or bike to my friend's houses in the neighborhood. Most would come to my house because we had everything. We had a two story playhouse that my dad built, we had a basketball / handball court, we could Rollerblade around the outside of the house, we could play with the many animals that I had, we could jump on the trampoline... better yet we could jump off the platform my dad built unto the trampoline. And so on... our house was awesome. I also would catch lizards outside, walk to the creek to catch tad poles and frogs... we ran into snakes a lot in our backyard... let's see what else. It was a great childhood. Our neighbors were friends of ours. Robin loved us like her own kids. She had little dogs that we would go play with sometimes. Our other neighbors had a dog, Ashes that they never took care of so he pretty much lived at our house. He followed us around the neighborhood, if we slept out in the backyard in the tent he would sleep outside our tent... he was always there no matter where we were. I don't think I ever even talked to the neighbors that owned Ashes... I felt like Ashes was our dog. In fact... those neighbors up and moved one day and they left Ashes behind. When Ashes got too old and sick... we were the ones that ended up taking him to be put to sleep. That was sad day. He was a great dog. They people that took his place were interesting neighbors. They were Ghost Hunters. You probably didn't know Ghost Hunters were a real thing outside the movie Ghost Busters. Well... I guess they are because that is what they did. They had all these crazy things with numbers and that was why they moved into the house next door... or something like that. The next place we lived was on Calle Real. It wasn't really a neighborhood. We lived next to a busy street... in fact sometimes I would hear people honk and scream my name as they drove by the house. We were known for our house because it was made of steel. Our one neighbor was an Egyptian family... one of their daughters was my friend in my grade at school. So that was pretty cool. We hung out sometimes Rana and I. Anyway... best story from those neighbors was that they had intercom's in there house to communicate with each other in different parts of their house. Well... so did we because Jamie and I were in the attic above the garage and it was handy when we had a phone call or  were being called to dinner. A few times we noticed other voices on the intercom that was not coming from our house. It was our neighbors yelling at each other in Egyptian. They were calling  for someone and getting our house instead. I talked to Rana about it and went over there to try and figure out how it was happening. I talked to my brother over the intercom from their house and it was the funniest thing. It kind of became our joke and we would say hi. I think they ended up getting new intercoms or something.

My neighborhood now... Well I live in Deer Haven in Provo, Utah. The neighborhood is about 50% families and 50% single adults ranging 25 and up. The housing was built for graduates originally. A lot of us are just working... almost everyone is LDS (welcome to Utah) and I like it. The townhouses are nice, I live SUPER close to this beautiful park and I am about 5 minutes from where I work (Novell). I am about 10 minutes to my parents house in Mapleton (now that they have moved to Utah) and about the same distance or less from my sister and her family who live in Springville. I have great friends that live near by and we are about 5 minutes from BYU campus, where we meet for church (really wished we met in a real church). Not sure what else to say about the neighborhood. I have made a lot of great friends here and I really like it. As for my neighbors... I live right next to many of my friends which is awesome. The houses that are RIGHT next to me... well, one is empty right now but our good guys friends (Jason who we hang out with all of the time) are going to move right next door. On the other side we have a crazy Latin family that constantly has fiesta's going on at their house. They have an annoying dog that I tell to shut up almost on a daily basis, they have too many cars and do a crappy parking job and they make a TON of noise. My old roommate Ashley referred to the noises coming from their house as "The Creature" because we were not sure what could really make that noise... but I think it is a combination of the dog and the kids. If only we could get some of our good friends to move in there. Oh well. We have it pretty good. 

Question #5

Question #5 The Lord gave everyone talents, what are some of my talents?

A: Ummm.... I think that I am one of those people that am not really good at any one thing but I am kind of good at a lot of things. For example, I would say that I am kind of good at piano, guitar, singing, decorating, cooking, party planning, photography, crafts, blogging, massages and fashion.

Some things that I consider talents that I did not have to necessarily learn because it was something I wanted to do... are things like being a people person, making people feel welcome, complimenting people, being goal oriented, being loyal, and being easy going....

There you go. I think that is good. I'm ok with that list. I think I can work on some more talents... but I am always trying to develop new talents and that is the important thing right?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Question #4

Question #4 What do you think is the best invention so far?

A: Best invention so far? I don't know... we live in a time where there have been SO many great inventions. I think I would have to say the smart phone. I mean... think about it. Smart phones can really do anything. Just on my smart phone a lone... I have of course everything that a normal phone does... keeps all your contacts and text messages. It also has a GPS in the phone. This is SO handy!! I use it all the time because I am so bad at directions. It also makes it so you always have a camera and video camera always on hand. Access to the Internet anywhere you go. My phone automatically sinks up with my gmail account so I can get my emails, and my calendar and so I am reminded of my schedule and I also have access to my docs. Then there is pretty much an app for anything. Games to be entertained, a shopping list so I don't have to carry around lists when I go to the store, I have the Stake Directory and the scriptures and hymns, I am always updated on the weather. I can even have my phone listen to a song on the radio and it will tell me the song and artist so I can go home and download it. It is also an mp3 player so you can listen to music on the go.. the list goes on and on... a smart phone can do just about anything. The app I have been using the most is "My fitness Pal". I can look up food that I eat and it will tell me how many calories it is. I tell it how much weight I want to lose and it tell me how many calories that I can eat a day. Every time I input something I eat it tells me how many calories I have left to eat in the day. You can also keep track of your workouts and how much water your drink. It is pretty awesome. I don't know... can you think of a better invention than that? Back when I was in high school... the best invention was probably the ipod. :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Question #3

Question #3 What was my favorite Young Women's Mutual Night Activity?

A: I think that is a hard one. It was so long ago that I was in Young Women's... let's see what sticks out to me from 10+ years ago. ha ha.  Some that I can remember and loved... I put on an activity for one of my Laurels projects. I put on a modesty fashion show. I had my fellow Laurels dress up in modest outfits for different categories. We had beach wear, casual, formal. I had one of the leaders be the announcer and we set up a runway with lights and I even made a fun play list to go along with it. I also loved when we did lip sinking shows. Another one I loved is when we went to the nursing home and we were set up with different people to talk to, we put on a talent show for them and we watched the show with them too. I remember really loving the lady that we were partnered up with and I remember the dance that Jessica and I made up to perform in that talent show. I think my favorite activity was when we had BBQ's on the beach and kayaked in the ocean. Oh how lucky I was to grow up next to the beach. :) My childhood and teenage years were pretty great.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Question #2

Question #2 Do you collect anything? (Bugs, baseball cards, marbles, etc..)

A.  Do I collect anything? Are you kidding? What don't I collect? Growing up I went through a lot of different phases of what I collected. Maybe I should just list everything that I can remember that I used to collect.

1. Trolls (remember those weird troll dolls with the rad hair?
2. Baseball cards (I still have them)
3. Coins
4. Stickers
5. Designed pencils
6. Marbles
7. Legos
8. Barbies
9. Anything Superman
10.  Root Beer Cans (probably the weirdest collection)

Well... that was back then. What am I collecting now that I am older? My collections have changed for sure. Now I collect...

1. Hats
2. Scarves
3. Perfume
4. Guys (my friends will know what that means)
5. Nail Polish
6. Necklaces
7. Music
8. Movies
9. Make Up
10. Boots

Amazing how things change as you get older. :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Question #1

Question #1- Do you have a bicycle? What is it like?

A: Unfortunately I do not have a bicycle. I wish I did. However,  I can tell you what the bike I had as a kid was like. :) My first bike that I can remember was a tricycle. It was purple and and a Poppel on the front where when you honked the horn... the poppel would pop out. I used to love Poppels. I remember I had a couple Poppel stuffed animals, one which rolled up and turned into a soccer ball. Anyone remember these?

When I graduated to the bicycle I think I remember it was yellow. I don't remember if the tassels were coming out of the handle bars or if I had a basket... or both. However, I DO remember that it had a rockin banana seat. It looked kind of like this one.

Man... makes me want to ride a bike right now. "I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride my bike..."

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Starting The Journal Jar Blog

Back when I was in High School we had a lesson in church about the importance of keeping a journal. To encourage our journal writing, the leaders helped us make Journal Jars. What is a Journal Jar? Well, it is a jar full of questions for you to answer about your life and feelings you have to help you know what to write about in your Journal.

I think I had started it back then. I didn't get very far though. While going through my stuff recently, I found the Journal Jar. I couldn't believe I had kept it all of these years and never did anything with it... so I decided to start this blog and go through each question in that jar. That may seem like it won't take me long to do... but you would be amazed with how many questions are in there. I am pretty excited to find out actually.

I would make this blog private, however... I have never been one to care (hence my other blog is not private) and I thought it would maybe benefit other people too. People can copy the questions and do this for themselves. Journaling is always a good idea.

So the Journal Jar begins...