Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Question #61

Q: What does your father do for a living? What time does he go and come home?

A: Well, my dad has done so many different jobs throughout my life I don't even know if I could keep track of them all. He worked for Delco Electronics for a while as an electric engineer. He owned a bakery for a while... I really remember that because he would always bring home a box of donuts. He worked for Telecom Communications and then after that didn't pan out he decided to work for himself and started doing home inspections and did that for many years along with doing construction management..... he did a lot of home projects for people up until my parents moved to Utah. Even after he moved to Utah he did it for another year and drove back and forth from Utah to California. Ha ha. Crazy dad. So he always just came and gone as he needed to. It made him feel like he could never take a break or vacation... not that he was ever into vacations that much anyway. He has always been a workaholic. He took almost a year off besides his property management in Utah which he has been doing for many years and just recently he has bought a company called Organa. It is a health suppliment for drinks. Anyway... the company seems to be doing well, but who knows what my dad's future work adventures will be. I don't know if he could ever stop working. He would be bored. ha ha.

Question #60

Q: Have you ever been in a flood, tornado, snowstorm, earthquake, or other natural disaster?

A: I have thankfully never been through a tornado... that scared me, but maybe because I just know what I have seen on tv and not lived where I would maybe experience them often. I know other people that have never been through an earthquake think the same thing and I don't think they are a big deal. I have never been in a flood that caused major damage... there was a lot of water, but not to the point where it damaged our home or cars or anything like that. It made the power go out... that is about it.

I have also been through earthquakes. Most of them were small.... you feel them for a few seconds and that is about it. I grew up practicing earthquake drills and bomb threats. Nice right? I have been through one bad earthquake where it woke me up in the middle of the night from my bed shaking and I looked outside and everything was shaking. It was scary and cool at the same time. It knocked some things over in our house... but that is about it. It also made the power go out for 3 days and we didn't have to go to school. I remember we had to use all of our food in the fridge and stuff like that. It was quite the experience but I don't remember ever being scared.

Question #59

Q: Does your family take vacations? Do you go to the same place or different places?

A: Yes, we took family vacations. Ever Summer we would go up in the Sierra Mountains and we would go to Dinkey Creek. My mom went every year since she was little and continued on and I went every year since I was a baby. It was like my second home. I miss it. We went with the same people every year. Other than Dinkey Creek, we didn't really vacation much unless it was to go visit family, like when my Grandma and Grandpa Mills moved to Arizona. We also would take trips to visit my Grandparents in Gunison, Utah while my Grandparents until they both passed away.

It is funny that my family didn't really travel much, but I have a great LOVE to travel. Not sure where it came from, but I'm glad for it. I love seeing the world. When I have my own family, I want to travel as much as we can.

Question #58

Q: Am I a good communicator ? How can I improve this?

A: I feel like I am a good communicator. I feel like I improve more and more the older I get too. I love having conversations about feelings and trying to help others. One thing that I struggled with was telling people when they would hurt me.... and also in relationships letting the guy know what I need out of the relationship. Since I have recognized this.... I have done a lot better at it, but of course I am not perfect and can always improve on communication, everyone can. I feel like if everyone tried harder in the communication department, everyone would be a lot better off. There would be a lot more understanding and a lot less assumptions. Communication is the key.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Question #57

Q: Describe your Sundays.

A: My Sunday's are usually the same. I have church in the morning. I then either have meetings for my callings or the home teachers come or whatever... then my roommates and I usually cook lunch together and invite others over. Then in the late afternoon, I go to my parents house to hang out with my family and have dinner... which my dad BBQ's every Sunday and my grandma comes over and most of the time they invite another family over. Sometimes my nieces have award shows or games that they have made up and make us play. It is usually entertaining no matter what goes down. After I get home from my parents house... I sometimes go to ward prayer or a movie night... or a fireside or.... just hang out with friends or the roommates. No matter what goes down, my Sundays are always busy. In a good way... most of the time.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Question #56

Q: Do I have a favorite sport?

A: To watch? I can get into any sport if I am actually at the game. On TV, I pretty much only really get into the Olympics.

To play, I love playing softball and volleyball. Probably because those are the only sports I am good at. There you go.

Question #55

Q: What was my favorite birthday? What was the best gift I ever got?

A: My favorite birthday was my golden birthday (when I turned 18 on the 18th). It was my favorite because I was with my whole family in Hawaii. They let me decide what I wanted to do on my birthday and where I wanted to eat out. I chose to snorkle at Hanauma Bay. It was beautiful and wonderful.

Best gift I ever got... was probably last year when my dad build me a storage bench. I love it. It is beautiful and something that is useful and that I will be able to keep around forever that means something. my dad made it and it looks professional. How awesome is that? I have a pretty talented family.

Question #54

Q: What is your favorite summertime food?

A: Hands down, anything BBQed. Also.... ice cream. I wish it were summer right now...

Question #53

Q: What is my favorite area in nature?

A: I really love all of nature, but I would have to say water is my favorite. I love lakes and streams and beaches. Water is beautiful. Also the ocean in and of it's self is amazing. One of the reasons I got scuba certified is because the ocean is a whole other world that is out of site and ready to explore for those who want to get scuba certified. I mean.... snorkeling is okay and gives you a peek into that world, but when you are scuba certified, you can explore that world. I love the water.

Question # 52

Q: Descrive your favorite winter activities.

A: Since I hate the freezing cold and don't like being in the snow or ice, I would say that my favorite winter activity is wrapping up in a blanket and drinking hot chocolate while watching movies with friends. Nice and warm. ha ha. I can tolerate some winter activites though. Every once in a while I don't mind ice skating. Sledding can be pretty fun if it is not crowded and I'm not afraid I'm going to take someone out with my sled. Ha ha. Besides that, my favorite thing to do in the winter is travel to somewhere warmer. :)

Question #51

Q: What is the nicest thing your dad has ever done for you?

A: My dad is a very service oriented man. I grew up with my dad serving me in one way or another. He has always been there for me when I needed a fathers blessing. I has always been there for me when I need something fixed or car advice or help with taxes. You name it, my dad was there to help me in anyway he can. Something that really stands out to me though... when when my ex fiance and I broke up. I was devastated. It was the worst thing I had ever gone through. Since we dated for a year and a half, I felt like I didn't have many people to turn to and most of my family was far away. My family was going out to Arizona to see a play that Jamie was in. I wasn't going to go. I didn't have a plane ticket and I wasn't going to drive there by myself and I had just been dumped a week ago. After it happened, my dad bought a plane ticket for me so that I could fly out to Arizona for the weekend and be with my family and spend time with my grandparents... which my grandpa was in a home with Alzheimer's. It was what I needed that weekend and it was very thoughtful and kind for my dad to do that for me knowing how much I was hurting and needed to be with family. I will never forget that.

Question #50

Q: Who is your favorite comedian and why?

A: There are so many great comedians that I think it is hard to choose. I like Bill Cosby because he is clean and would do comedy ruteens about the little everyday things. I think Jack Black is hilarious. Does well on the spot and has the funniest facial expressions. I like Will Farrel but he can be pretty dirty sometimes, so for that he is not my favorite. Brian Regan is great too. I guess the answer to this question is that I don't have a favorite. Ha ha.

Question #49

Q: If you could be any animal, what would you choose and why?

A:  That is an interesting question. In Jr. High, I probably would have said some cool animal, like a leopard or something, because they are strong and beautiful and fast and awesome. Honestly... I don't know what kind of life they have. However, I do know the life of a dog. They are man's best friend. They get to be with people and are loved and treated like one of the family. They are playful and fun... and that life sounds great to me. If I can't be a human, I feel like being a dog would be next best.

Question #48

Q: Who is your favorite Old Testament Character? Why?

A: I would have to say Joeph in Egypt. I really like Joseph because he as an amazing attitute through trials. No matter what he went through... his brother selling him as a slave in Egypt, being accused of aldulty and being put in jail... no matter what was thrown at him and how unfair it was, he made the best out of the situation. He stayed positive. Because he did this, he was blessed and he blessed and good things came to him even in his trials. I need to really try and be more like this. It is so hard for me to have a positive attitude when going through hard trials... but I am working on it.

Question #47

Q: Did you have a special object that you slept with? Blanket, doll, stuffed animal?

A: I went through phases for sure. I don't think I ever had a blanket I slept with, but I slept with stuffed animals for sure. I loved stuffed animals. My grandma used to get me big ones that I would sleep with. I also slept with a glow worm that played music and lit up when you squeezed it. I'm sure I named them all, but I really don't remember.

Now.... I sleep with a heat bag on my feet.... because my room is in the basement and it is super cold. :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Question #46

Q: What was the hardest thing that you ever had to do?

A: Umm... I feel like there could be many different answers to this. Hardest thing I have ever had to do physically was probably my sprint triathlon. Wouldn't have been so hard if I would have trained for it. ha ha. The hardest thing I have ever had to do mentally was probably pass Anatomy and Physiology to graduate from the American Institute of Medical-Dental Technology. The hardest thing I have ever had to do emotionally was get over my break up with Brent, who I was engaged to and call off the wedding and start all over again in the dating world. The hardest thing I have ever had to do courage wise was probably sing solo in front of 2,000 people. Or maybe it was the time that I was face to face with sharks, or maybe it was the time I was 400 feet in the air held by a little harnest and a parachute. I feel like I have had to do a lot of hard things in life.

Question #45

Q: Do you doodle? What figures tend to come up? Boxes? Circles? Faces?

A: This is an interesting question. I don't doodle too much. However, when I do I usually draw things that I know how to draw well. Like... a dog, a flag, a cake. I know... real cool. ha ha. If I am just doodling and not actually trying to draw anything, I get a lot of squiggly lines. I have been doodling kind of the same since Jr. High... so my answer would be the same I guess.

Question #44

Q: What is my favorite book in the scriptures? Why?

A: I love the Book of Mormon, but I also really love the D&C. I love it because it is not just stories. It is direct docterine for us to follow. It is straight forward mordern day revelation given to us to follow. I love and need the guidence in my life.

Question #43

Q: Describe your favorite summer activities.

A: I am trying to think what my answer would have been had I answered this in Jr. High. I think my answers would be different now now only because of age, but also because of location. Living in Santa Barbara, I didn't appreciate the summer for it's weather as much as I do now that I live somewhere where is snows for almost half of the year. Back then I loved playing with my friends. Having sleep overs. Roller blading. Anything as long as it involved my friends.

Now... my answer would be very similar, but I love to be outside as much as possible. Summer nights are the best. Seriously. I love to travel during the summer. I love to watch movies outside. I love playing summer softball. I LOVE BBQ's and swimming. This last summer I enjoyed bike rides on my beach cruiser. I just love living life to the fullest. :)

Question #42

Q: What is the nicest thing your mom has ever done for you?

A: My mom has done a lot of nice things for me. She stuck up for me when I was not being included and was being treated poorly by my friends in YW's. She also went to the school and yelled at my choir director when I came home crying because he split the choir into A & B groups in the middle of the year and I was put into the B group even though everyone knew I should be in the A group. She was there for me everyday when I was going through my broken engagment and let me cry to her. She would write nice notes in my lunches she made for me all of the time. She dropped off a present for me at work as a surprise, just to let me know she loved me. She drives with me to California every year to sing at Disneyland because she knows I love it so much. I could go on and on. My mother is wonderful.

Question #41

Q: What's my favorite music group?

A: That is hard because I have always loved music of all different kinds. In Jr. High I might have answered the Backstreet Boys. I loved their album back then. Now I love so many bands and artists that I don't know if I could pick. If I could pick an all time favorite group, I would probably say Simon and Garfunkle. It's classic. I can listen to them all day and not get sick of them. I love singing along to them. I love their harmonies. They are great.

Question #40

Q: What is the hardest Young Woman value to work on?

A: I would say Individual Worth. It is something I have struggled with my whole life... mostly starting at the age of Jr. High. I have always had a hard time not comparing myself to others and being to harsh on myself about my appearance and my intelligence. It's hard living in the world that we do. It is one of Satan's greatest tools... getting us to compare ourselves to others and not think we are good enough. I have improved a lot over the years.

Question #39

Q: Am I involved in any clubs or extra -curricular activities?

A: In Jr High. I was playing afterschool softball and volleyball against other Jr. High's. I was also taking art. Beyond that... I was doing whatever we were doing in Young Womens.

As of NOW.... I play summer ward softball. Our ward team is pretty awesome. (I guess some of my activities have not changed much). I have also been on and off involved with different choirs. I even made a CD with my friend Wes. I volunteered tutoring kids once a week. Now I'm looking for another place to serve in the community. I have been on and off with taking tap dancing. Of course I have always been involved with church and whatever activities that may bring for me. I should look into taking some classes. I'm always trying to learn new things. I have kind of started a little photography club with some friends. Oh and I got scuba certified.... that was an extra curricular activity. So gald I did it. Love it.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Question #38

Q: What is your favorite hymn?

A:  That is hard. There are so many good ones. I have always loved "Be Still My Soul" and "Abide with Me". Also love "Lead Thou me On" and "Lead, Kindly Light". I just think they are so beautiful and get excited whenever I get to sing these songs in church.

Question #37

Q: Describe your dream home.

A: I don't know if I have ever had a dream home in mind. I know there are certain things I would love to have in a future home. I would love to have a beautiful garden in the back with a pond or awesome fountain. I would love to have a big back pourch area with a cute outdoor furniture... for BBQ's and entertaining. With hanging lights. I would like a nice big kitchen. I would like to have a massage room so I can work out of my home. I would love to have a BIG walk in closet. Oh that is my biggest dream of all for my future home. A big enough walk in closet that I could have a rug and chase lounge and everything is nice and organized. Big master bedroom. If I ended up living next to a beach... I would love to have a big salt water tank of fish and coral and such that I have collected myself on my scuba dives. Beyond that... I just want it to be cute and comfortable and filled with a family that I love.

Question #36

Q: Would you have been a good pioneer? Why or why not?

A: That is a really hard one. My first reaction is no. I'm so used to my comfortable life that I can't imagine having to do it any other way. However... if I didn't know any other way of life that might be different. I am determined and I am faithful and obedient.... so maybe I would have been a good pioneer. Would I have survived? I don't know. I would like to stay that I am strong enough that I would make the best out of life no matter what the circumstances are.... but again, I don't think I will ever know.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Question #35

Q: What is your room like? Do you share it with someone? What makes it special to you?

A: I actually just redid my room last year. I LOVE it. My room is beautiful, with a comfy bed. I love the colors and how relaxing and inviting it is. It is tiny... but I still love being in it. The bed takes up most of the room... but I don't care. I mean, that is where I want to be anyway. Do I share it with someone? No... I wish I did though, only because I wish I were married. What makes it special? The fact that it is my creation. I decorated and designed and painted my room and I love how it worked. How often can people say that? I sleep well, I'm relaxed when I'm there... it is cozy and clean and organized and the fact that I can escape from my busy life and feel calm and relaxed in my room... that is what makes it special.

Question #34

Q: What is a good age to get married and why?

A: That is a hard question. I think it is going to be different for everyone. I think there are some people that do well get married young and it is better that way and other that got married young that shouldn't have because they were not sure of who they were yet. Personally... I think 25 and up is a good age. I think having your single years is important. It is good to be on your own for a while. You learn so much and you have your whole life to be with someone else. Honestly though... I think one is ready when they feel the desire and that they are mature enough to handle the responsibilies that come along with marriage and family. For some that comes younger some that comes when they are younger. Although I continue to learn and grow as a person.... I feel like I have been ready for a while. I'm just waiting for a guy who is ready to take the journey with me.