Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Friday, September 21, 2012

Question #20

Q: What is my favorite sport or activity to do at recess?

A: This is an interesting question because I am pretty sure when I was given this journal jar, I was in Jr. High and we didn't have recess. When I did have recess I went through different stages of what I liked to do at recess. Of course I was on the All Stars softball team, so I played that a lot, I went through a swing phase, a jump rope stage (loved double dutch), a hop scotch stage, playing marbles phase, playing cards phase.... etc... However, in Jr High I played 2 after school sports. Softball and Volleyball. The only two sports that I am good at. To this day, my answer would still be the same. I played a lot of volleyball in the beginning of college. I played a lot of indoor volleyball with friends at church and I took a beach volleyball class at school. Now I play volleyball here and there at work when I get invited and have played a lot more softball on work teams in city leagues or ward teams against other wards in the stake. Funny how some things don't really change.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Question #19

Q: How many minutes a day do you spend on the phone?

A: I am trying to think what the answer would have been in high school. I want to say not much since I didn't have a cell phone back then. Maybe 15 minutes-half hour.... maybe.

And now? Umm.... I do have a cell phone so it differs from day to day. Most people text these days... but some days I just need/want to catch up with good friends or need a pep talk. If I have these types of conversations... I could easily spend an hour & 1/2 - 2 hours a day on the phone... but I think average, phone calls are all business and straight to the point, so I am going to stick with my average a day is 15 minutes to a half hour on the phone.

Question #18

Q: What are my relationships like with my brothers and sisters?

A: When I was in High School, I am sure that I would have said that I was closest with Jamie. We even hung out together while we were in High School. Not a ton... but a little. Over the years I have been closer to one sibling more than another. Lori and I will always have Costa Rica bond together. Chad and I were in school together the longest... so we bonded. Once I moved to Utah and it was just me and Kristy here... I was really close to her. No matter who I was closest to at the time... I have always had a great relationship with my siblings. I mean... we fought a lot growing up as kids. That is normal. As we grew to be adults though... we just have become better and better friends as the years go by. I see and talk to my brother the least, but still have a great relationship with him. I have a really close relationship with my sisters and try to visit them all and be a good aunt to their kids. I love my family a lot and love that everyone has a great love and respect for each other. I know that my siblings are always going to be loving toward me and be supportive no matter what I'm going through. We don't talk on the phone much.... but we are good at keeping in touch with each other and knowing what is going on through our family website, facebook and blogs. I'm really thankful that I have a great relationship with everyone in my family. Could not ask for a better family. No, we are not perfect.... but I really don't have anything to complain about either. They are great.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Question #17

Q: Am I a good listener? How can I improve this?

A: I think that I am. I think that I have always been a good listener. I believe that is why a lot of people like to come talk to me. I feel like I have always taken the therapist role... even when I was younger. I genuinely care about people and listen to what is going on with them and try and give the best advice that I can. I enjoy being there for people and trying to help them. On the flip side, I need people to do that for me as well... and it can sometimes be frustrating when people are not good listeners when you need them. I feel the need to be validated and understood.

How can I improve on my listening skills? I don't know because I feel like I have always been a good listener. I guess maybe the one thing I will say is that sometimes I have a hard time listening when I don't care about the person or don't care about the situation... or if I am jealous or have strong emotions involved.... so I am trying to improve by taking my emotions out of situations and just trying to be there for the person I am listening to.

Question #16

Q: What profession do you hope your future husband will work in? Why?

A: I believe that my answer back in high school would be the same as it is now. I don't care... as long as he is hard working and can provide for me and our family. I think that now more than ever. I can tell you though what professions I find more attractive and the types of guys that attracts. I am attracted to guys that are good with their hands. Can fix things, build things.... even if it is just a hobby. So I have dated a few guys that have worked in construction. I am also attracted to guys that are good business men.... and more recently... I have been attracted to the therapist, because it means they are caring, service oriented and good communicators (but I don't think I would have ever thought that has a high schooler). What type of job the guy has is not a deal breaker.... just as long as he has one, and it makes him happy and it can pay the bills.... I will be happy just to have a man. :)

Question #15

Q: What is my favorite Young Women Value? Why?

A: I think my answer is the same now as it was when I was in High School. Individual Worth.

I think the reason why this value has always been my favorite is because it was the one I struggled with the most. I went through phases of realization where I really understood my worth. The first big learning experience I had with this was in High School. I had grown up being a very happy person that had a lot of friends. In High School I went through a period of time where all my friends were kind of giving me the cold shoulder and I got depressed because I had measured my worth and happiness on how many friends I had and what I was doing with my friends in our free time. This period of time where my friends were cutting them out of their lives for reasons I didn't understand gave me an opportunity to reach out and become friends with the new girls in the ward that were not included in the group. It gave me an opportunity to spend more time with my family and appreciate them and most importantly it gave me an opportunity to learn who I was without friends. I learned how much I care for people, and discovered and developed talents and learned that it was okay to not be hanging out with friends in all of my spare time. It was okay to have a lone time too. What started out as a really depressing time for me... turned into a great learning experience and self discovery of my worth.

Since High school... I have definitely continued to struggle with this off and on. I am still super social and don't like to be a lone all of the time. I still get hurt by friends and by guys and have a hard time not taking the blame and taking it really personally. I can say this though... over the years I have come to really know how I am, my strengths and weaknesses.... and am not only okay with who I am but really like who I am. I think that I am beautiful, talented, caring, fun, smart, and I have so much to offer to those around me and one day my spouse. I am so thankful for all of my experiences that have helped me with individual worth.