Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Question #19

Q: How many minutes a day do you spend on the phone?

A: I am trying to think what the answer would have been in high school. I want to say not much since I didn't have a cell phone back then. Maybe 15 minutes-half hour.... maybe.

And now? Umm.... I do have a cell phone so it differs from day to day. Most people text these days... but some days I just need/want to catch up with good friends or need a pep talk. If I have these types of conversations... I could easily spend an hour & 1/2 - 2 hours a day on the phone... but I think average, phone calls are all business and straight to the point, so I am going to stick with my average a day is 15 minutes to a half hour on the phone.

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