Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Question #35

Q: What is your room like? Do you share it with someone? What makes it special to you?

A: I actually just redid my room last year. I LOVE it. My room is beautiful, with a comfy bed. I love the colors and how relaxing and inviting it is. It is tiny... but I still love being in it. The bed takes up most of the room... but I don't care. I mean, that is where I want to be anyway. Do I share it with someone? No... I wish I did though, only because I wish I were married. What makes it special? The fact that it is my creation. I decorated and designed and painted my room and I love how it worked. How often can people say that? I sleep well, I'm relaxed when I'm there... it is cozy and clean and organized and the fact that I can escape from my busy life and feel calm and relaxed in my room... that is what makes it special.

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