Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Question #4

Question #4 What do you think is the best invention so far?

A: Best invention so far? I don't know... we live in a time where there have been SO many great inventions. I think I would have to say the smart phone. I mean... think about it. Smart phones can really do anything. Just on my smart phone a lone... I have of course everything that a normal phone does... keeps all your contacts and text messages. It also has a GPS in the phone. This is SO handy!! I use it all the time because I am so bad at directions. It also makes it so you always have a camera and video camera always on hand. Access to the Internet anywhere you go. My phone automatically sinks up with my gmail account so I can get my emails, and my calendar and so I am reminded of my schedule and I also have access to my docs. Then there is pretty much an app for anything. Games to be entertained, a shopping list so I don't have to carry around lists when I go to the store, I have the Stake Directory and the scriptures and hymns, I am always updated on the weather. I can even have my phone listen to a song on the radio and it will tell me the song and artist so I can go home and download it. It is also an mp3 player so you can listen to music on the go.. the list goes on and on... a smart phone can do just about anything. The app I have been using the most is "My fitness Pal". I can look up food that I eat and it will tell me how many calories it is. I tell it how much weight I want to lose and it tell me how many calories that I can eat a day. Every time I input something I eat it tells me how many calories I have left to eat in the day. You can also keep track of your workouts and how much water your drink. It is pretty awesome. I don't know... can you think of a better invention than that? Back when I was in high school... the best invention was probably the ipod. :)

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