Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Question #24

Q: Do you have a nickname? Who gave you that nickname?

A: I have always had a lot of nicknames. Let me see if I can remember them all and who gave them to me.

Trace - a lot of people call me that. Easy way to shorten Tracy

Giggles - My wannabe gangsta friends in grade school

She-ra - My Jr High friends in our phase of we all had superhero nicknames

Prune-da-lune - Katie Houston (I get super pruney if I stay in the water too long)

Goggles - Brett Holbrook (when I had to wear swimming goggles to the lab where we worked because I was having an allergic reaction to the chemicals at work)

Scubamonkey - Brett Holbrook (combine the goggles story with I got asked to dress up as a monkey and play with kids at a Tarzan birthday party)

T-Rac - Brad Guynn ( I was calling him B-Rad so he decided to start calling me T-Rac)

T-Ray - Blythe Bourgeous (now Duncomb) liked T-Ray better than T-Rac

Z - Trent Brimhall (because of my zebra print dress I wore at Lake Powell when he first met me)

Z Momma - Ashley Hawman (because she liked the sound of that more than just Z)

T-Mills - Josh Boulding

Tracy Face - Vicki Shelly

I'm sure there are lots more... but that is what I can think of off the top of my head.

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