Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Question #25

Q: Write about having to apologize to someone and patch things up.

A: I can think of SEVERAL times where I have done this. Things happen. Relationships of all kinds are complicated. Miscommunications happen and people say and do things they don't mean. What people have a hard time doing however is apologizing... being the bigger person and trying to fix the situation even when you don't feel like you are to blame. This is something that I am good at.  I am the type of person that doesn't think there is anything worth ending a friendship over. Even guys that I have dated... I am still friends with them after because I feel like even though it didn't work out with me, doesn't mean I don't wish the best for them and want it to work out with someone else. I don't like hard feelings and contention. So I am usually the one to apologize... even when it isn't my fault. Just because I would rather say sorry and take the blame then have it turn into a bigger deal.

I can think of 3 different examples off the top of my head with girls that had stopped talking to me over misunderstandings or whatever. I never liked it... but with each one, I let some time pass (with one it was more than a year later) and then I wrote them a letter saying sorry and that I missed their friendship and I should have done things differently. Even though I felt in the right with the situation of why they stopped talking to me... that doesn't mean I didn't do anything wrong. In each situation I could have acted differently and handled the situation in a better way. Therefore, I had reason to apologize. You know what happened with each one? They all wrote back saying they were also sorry and that it was all stupid and that we should be friends again. And we are. I could be prideful and leave it the way it was... but this is so much better. If I have to be the one to apologize first in every situation.... so be it. I would rather be friends than not.

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