Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Brought to you by Brunette on the Internet

Friday, June 14, 2013

Question #83

Q: What is the worst trouble you've ever gotten into?

A: In high school.... I was in choir. In the middle of the year, the teacher decided to split the group up into A & B groups because he thought we would have a better chance of winning. I felt like this was a HUGE mistake. Everyone knew that the A group was the better group. People's feelings were hurt... including mine. I was put into the B group (even though everyone knew I should have been in the A group) because another alto's dad was in charge of our connection to the recording studio. Yep! It's true. So... I went home crying and our group was torn apart and my mom went back and yelled at the choir teacher and I decided to write a letter to the teacher on how I thought he was wrong and what a big mistake he met. It was not like me to do things like this... but I just had to stand up for what I thought was right. Needless to say, it didn't make the teacher very happy. He ended up getting upset and taking my letter to the principal. This lead to me getting taken out of my history class the next day.... which only happened to the touble makers and everyone was in shock when they took me out of class to see the Vice Principal. I had to have a talk with the Vice Principal about my letter... which he actually told me he agreed with me and he wasn't mad at me... but the choir teacher was, so I wasn't allowed to go to class for the rest of the week. After that I also had to have a teacher/ Vice Principal meeting where we "talked things out". In this meeting I was totally find and he contridicted himself and what he was trying to do and tried to make me look like the bad student that didn't have control over my emotions or temper (but as it turns out... that was him) the Vice Principal (knowing me and that I was a good kid and good student) was just trying not to laugh and was on my side all the way. Once I was allowed to go back to class.... I acted totally normal and went along with his stupid rules. Vice Principal came to see me again asking me if things were ok... because the choir teacher went up to him and said things were awkward in class. I just laughed and said if things are awkward it is because of him. I'm fine. We both laughed it off with how silly this all was. Going into Jazz competitions later on, he ended up putting both A & B choirs again (because we all sounded better together... which we were told by the judges) and we won first place. I wanted to tell him "I told you so" but I held back. If you are going to make two seperate groups... do it in the beginning of the school year AND have the groups meeting at different times... not in the same class. Just saying. As a result of all of this... he wouldn't let me be in choir my senior year... which choir was my life. It was heart breaking to me.... but I got over it pretty quick, because I was over high school. I almost tested out early, but I thought I would regret that... so I just made my schedule so that I left at noon everyday by taking college classes and work ed so I could leave school and go to work. THAT worked out great. :) I still got to sing (solo & duet) at my high school graduation, which is what I wanted (not the national anthem, our theme song) and to me... that was sticking it to my choir teacher. :) So it all worked out.

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